Digital Marketing & SEO in Bendigo

Do businesses in Bendigo need to be concerned about their Google rankings? Should they be interested in Digital Marketing and SEO?

Most certainly!

While people may in the past have looked for businesses in the white/yellow pages in the past, now they search in Google for what they need. More often than not the company they contact will be one of the first few on the first page.

Google has even added features to help improve their searches to find what they want, we call it the “3 pack”. Being in the section at the top of a local search will vastly improve the follow of customers coming from Google searches.

Local Bendigo Business Search Example

local SEO search bendigo dentistThis is an example of the top of a search on Google for “Bendigo Dentist”

The first listing above the map is a paid advertisement (see the green AD marking?) – research shows that these are normally over looked. Google only shows a few paid listings at the top of the page because their research showed that too many paid adverts diminished customer experience (ie people don’t actually like them). But this is how Google makes money – businesses competing for the premium advert spaces.

Below that is a map and the “3 pack” and these are not paid adverts, Google decides who will get these spots just like any page one result. This was rolled this out a while ago, and tweaked it a little, but clearly they believe it improves customer experience – ie people like it.

It is easy to conclude that being in the 3 pack will result in traffic and potential customers.

Are you in the 3 pack for “Bendigo *your business*”?

Are you even on the first page?

If not – then we can help.

What can Digital Marketing & SEO do for Bendigo Businesses?

For a dentist there is the possibility to rank for many terms:

  • Bendigo Dentist
  • Dentist Bendigo (Google can and does produce different rankings for this sort of search)
  • Epping Dentist
  • Dentist Quarry Hill
  • Sore tooth Bendigo
  • Root canal Bendigo
  • Bendigo tooth whitening
  • Plus many more

Some of these terms will have very low search volume, so not a priority to pursue. However “Dentist Bendigo” has an average of 260 searches a months and “Bendigo Dentist” has a similar 210.

If you were ranked in the 3 pack, and #1 in the “normal” organic listings for those two terms, you are likely to get say 30% (for sake of an example) of those searches going to your site, that would be a traffic boost of ~140 people visiting your site.

Now if your website is nice, and your receptionist is friendly, you may convert 10% of those visitors (hopefully more!) into customers. That is an extra 14 customers a month!

How much is an additional customer each month worth to your business?

Well for a dentist hopefully that customer will become a repeat customer each year, so ranking on Google for Bendigo businesses is certainly valuable!

local Bendigo SEO

While we can’t make promises (Google can be a difficult mistress, and sometimes competition is high) this is the sort of result we hope to achieve for our local Bendigo businesses.

Engaging a DIGITAL MARKETING EXPERT to do local SEO work allows a businesses to remain focused on running their business, while the SEO expert works to grow the business through an increased exposure on the internet. We spend our time learning new methods and techniques, and buy all the tools to perform our tasks, and doing battle with the Google ranking changes. This is time, effort and money a business manager doesn’t need to spend if using us.

To get started go to the our “discovery page” and let us know about your business, website, and goals. We can then take a look and get back to your with our recommendations.


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