How To Repair Your Online Reputation

Considering that the reputations of many small businesses are as associated with the names of their founders/owners as they are with the company brand names, this is an overall good search marketing tactic. (It’s not as hot when performing offline marketing, such as in print or radio ads, because people still don’t recognize these newer top-level domains as much as the .COM/.NET standbys. But you could still use a more recognizable domain name variation in your offline marketing which just redirects to the keyworded gTLD.) I find that the shorter gTLDs function best for optimization, in part simply because shorter URLs function better in search.

Any online reputation management company should offer reputation repair, which relies heavily on pushing negative reviews off the first page of website searches and replacing them with positive or neutral content. A few companies address negative feedback in cooperation with you, or research a complaint and send it to you so you can respond. For reputation monitoring or long-term support, you may want to look for companies that specialize in active reputation building and long-term strategizing.

While I’ve seen domain hacks of this sort rank effectively, it should be noted that this places a delimiter in an unusual place in the name, rendering it less of an exact match than other possible options that there might be. This is probably an option of last resort.

If you are best-known in your local area, one great option for you would be to set up a personal website using a GeoTLD that is in sync with your geography. So Chris Silversmith could leverage his location associatively by setting up a personal web page on “,” and it would likely rank quite favorably in search results. My research indicates that these GeoTLDs perform quite advantageously in local search results, and SEO strategist Bill Hartzer has had similar findings.

10 Domain Name Secrets To Repair Your Online Reputation

Training Employees should be trained in reputation management tools. They should have in-house training or outside certification in social media monitoring, and writing articles and content that are SEO-strong and rich in information. Furthermore, employees should understand the latest changes in search engine philosophy. Companies that are Google partners have proven to Google that they understand its workings and abide by best practices.

How To Determine The Best Online Reputation Repair Experts

For instance, dashes are allowed characters in domain names, and they can be used to delimit between first and last names, as in “” Many optimization experts avoid this out of fear that search engines may evaluate it to be a suspect domain and lower in quality and trustworthiness. But these fears may be largely unjustified, since dashed domains can function well. Admittedly, dashed domains are undesirable if you’d like to print your URL on your business cards and in other offline media.

Most have some SEO capabilities, but WebiMax, Submitedge SEO and Netmark concentrate much of their efforts here, which might be an advantage if your website needs technical work to improve its search engine ranking. Many of these companies have means to increase positive reviews. Reputation Management Consultants and Gadook set up specific review sites to funnel customer reviews so you can promote positive reviews and respond to negative ones. takes it a step further by providing you tools to have customers post reviews before they leave your store.

Online Reputation Repair Experts

Because improving your online reputation depends on the type and extent of damage done and your overall goals, very few services have a set plan or price. Rather, each service asks for your website, keywords and specific needs. Then, it conducts preliminary research and delivers a proposal.

Online Reputation Repair

Online reputation management services are designed to help you build and maintain a positive image online. First and foremost, they seek out defamatory and unflattering web content and work to drive it off the first pages of web searches, instead replacing it with information that shows you or your business at its best. The top online reputation management services take it a step further by helping you create and maintain venues where you can build relationships with your clients and monitor online mentions. These companies may also provide training so you can respond to negative content and build positive posts so you are not always dependent on their service.

Best Online Reputation Repair

For example, if your name was “Michael Lewis” or “John Lewis,” but someone had already nabbed the ideal URLs for those two, such as “” or “,” then you might instead register “” or “” — using .IS, which is the TLD for the country of Iceland.

Because this field is so individualized, it’s difficult to evaluate a company based solely on its services. For example, one business might need an SEO makeover and PR campaign to recover from a ripoff report article while another may require multiple minisites and a concentrated click-through program. Thus, it’s not enough to rate a company solely based on the services it can offer, because specific services may not apply to your case. Analyzing your company and determining a plan is as important as having the tools.

Personal Online Reputation Repair

A few services we looked at but which ultimately did not make our top ten list set a campaign fee, and the length of the campaign varied by months or years, depending on whether intense reputation repair or long-term monitoring is needed.


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