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Ripoff Report is almost a scam.

Just one unhappy vindictive customer can do serious reputation damage to a business by posting on Ripoff Report. Then try getting it removed – and you will find it virtually impossible. Ripoff Report or the person who complained might, if they are feeling generous, offer to remove the listing for a generous fee. Ripoff Report is a “for profit” website. Basically this amounts to extortion.

People have tried filing lawsuits to remove Ripoff Report listings – the results have been mixed, but undoubtedly expensive when you get lawyers involved.

And this is just one way your business’s reputation can be damaged on the internet. Short of trying very expensive legal action – there is very little you can do, and there is no guarantee of success. Thanks to review services, reputation management is something many Companies are having to consider.

reputation managementWhat is the best way to deal with bad reviews?

The best success we have had with dealing with negative press is to make it virtually disappear. Is it magic? No it is just the reality of how people search on Google.

  • Nearly 70% of all search clicks go to the top 3 or 4 places
  • Very few people ever search the second page of Google looking for a better result

So how can this be of value for reputation repair? If you can push any negative press out of the top few places, and even better, off of the first page of google for as many terms as possible then that negative press will become a bad memory and have less and less effect on your business over time. It becomes old news and is forgotten about. Replacing it with positive content can only be of benefit to you.

How can Online Content dot Marketing help with Ripoff Report Removal and Reputation Management?

We can create positive content targeting the keywords you are concerned about and put it high in the google search results for the terms you are concerned about. This then pushes the damaging listings down in the search engine listings making them less visible to customers. The further you want these dark stains pushed the more properties we can create. Need numerous search terms cleaned up? We create additional properties to target those terms.

This content is created within the terms and conditions of Google. In fact most of the content is made on Google properties! We use a range of google properties including Youtube to place items above any negative press you want to go swimming with the fishes. We can also use press releases distributed to numerous high authority sites.

press releasePosting positive news is a great way to kill off negative news. How would you like to appear on websites like these? It also gives you the right to put “As seen on” on your website. This gives a really strong impression to customers who visit your website and search for your Brand.

How do you get started?

Head to our discovery page and fill out all the relative details. Tell us you are in need of reputation management and let us know which key words you need addressed.

We will take a look at your details and situation, and get back in contact with you with our recommendations.

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