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Get it removed from Google’s index. Removal of negative content is always your best course of action because it nips the problem at the root. By removing the content, you won’t have to worry about it re-surfacing years later, you won’t ever have to explain it, and you won’t have to worry about Google autocomplete picking up on it and publishing unwanted suggestions next to your name. Ripoff Report Removal is not that easy.

LEGAL ISSUES: For more information relating to legal issues such as subpoenas, Ripoff Report’s Court Order Policy, copyright notices, law explaining why Ripoff Report is immune from most legal claims involving third-party content, etc., please review the information on the Legal Issues page which is a dropdown located under the Help & FAQs tab from the main menu bar at the top of the website.

Few people take this path because rarely does the original author have the financial resources to pay for any monetary judgment that might be obtained. Plus, Ripoff Report won’t allow the original author to remove the offending report anyway, so getting a court injunction requiring them to remove the report is of little value.

Ripoff Report Removal

For all of these reasons, and more, we will not agree to remove Reports and subsequent postings upon request; even if someone can show that a Report or subsequent posting is probably inaccurate. By having this policy, we take leverage away from companies who threaten or pressure a customer hoping to get them to retract a valid complaint.

In May 2013, Ripoff Report started a new service called “Ripoff Report Verified” that offers companies with no prior complaints an option to become “Verified”. According to an interview with Search Engine Watch, for $89 per month, “Once a verified business gets any negative complaints, they would be alerted via email about the negative reviews and will be able to discuss a resolution with the person that left the negative reviews.”[10][11]

Ripoff Report has begun rolling out some new changes that will affect its subjects. Previously, even with a court judgment in your favor, it was nearly impossible to compel Ripoff Report to follow the law and remove the post. In correspondence with the legal counsel for Ripoff Report, Aaron Minc has uncovered information suggesting some welcome policy changes.

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There is no doubt that any site that allows people to post freely about their experiences will end up being considered controversial by some. Sometimes certain individuals and companies that are the subject of these Reports will get very angry and/or ask us to remove the Report because the information contained in the Report, while maybe true, is bad for their business. We feel that true and accurate Reports are socially useful. This is especially true when they are outing some unscrupulous business! Sometimes, they are upset because the content of the Report is alleged to be false and/or defamatory. Unfortunately, we receive thousands of reports and therefore have no effective way of fact checking in order to determine what is true or false. As such, Ripoff Report makes all authors attest that the information is true and has a general policy of not removing Reports in their entirety because we don’t want bad businesses getting away with bullying people into removing postings. Our policy can be viewed on our website by clicking HERE.

In the original text on Minc’s blog, Ripoff Report states that they will make “appropriate edits” to reports that are posted by third parties. Similar to the editor comments already instated, this new policy specifically applies to judgments.

Ripoff Report To Revise Removal Policy: May Accept Court Orders

IMPORTANT NOTE: The judgment does not require the owner of to remove the page from its site. is protected by off-shore laws that do not require it to ever remove any content. When Google removes the page from its index, it will not appear in Google. However, it still may appear in other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Ask. Also, this method is not always successful, but if you decide to move forward with us, you only pay if we are successful and you are satisfied.

Ripoff Report is a non-substantiated source of information and the information provided in the Reports and subsequent postings are the sole creations of consumers for the general public. As outlined in the Terms of Service, Ripoff Report makes ZERO representations and warranties about the accuracy or usefulness of any of the information that is posted by third-parties. By viewing this site you agree that you will not hold Ripoff Report and/or any of its owners, employees, contractors or related entities responsible for any information contained herein. It is entirely up to you to do your own research and verify any claims that are made on this website. It is always important that you, after conducting your own research from multiple sources, make your own decisions about companies and individuals named in any Report or subsequent posting. Bottom line: DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Our president, Pierre Zarokian, is an expert on reputation management. He has spoken on the subject numerous times at different conferences such as Webmaster World, Affiliate Convention and Monitoring Social Media. You could read one of his presentations about reputation management here.

This Program gives the Complainant (the party the Report was written about) the opportunity to have a neutral third party (the arbitrator) review the Report and their documents and statements in support of their Statement about how each statement is false.  Those facts that are found to be false by the arbitrator will be redacted (removed) from the Report. This does not mean, however, that the entire report will be removed. Whatever remaining truthful statements, statements that were not found to be false by the arbitrator, statements that were not challenged in the arbitration, or opinions, will typically remain on the website unless the arbitrator feels, in their sole discretion, that the Report content has abused our Terms of Service. This program, however, is not free. We have a panel of highly skilled professional arbitrators who do not work for free, and as such, we cannot offer the program for free. This program is currently open to any person or business that has been written about on our site. Because we are not in a position to determine the validity of Reports posted on our website, we believe that this program helps those individuals and companies’ correct false statements that are posted about them in the Report thereby helping a company maintain their online reputation. We also believe that this program can be useful when a party wants to bring legal claims against an author, however, has run into a Statute of Limitations problem in their jurisdiction. To learn more specific information about the VIP Arbitration Program, including requirements and benefits associated with the same, review information located under the Programs & Services tab from the main menu bar at the top of the webpage.

If we had even a single dollar for every time we are asked to remove a Report or subsequent posting, it’s entirely possible that we would all be sitting on a beach, on our own private island, somewhere a lot more tropical than the lovely desert oasis here in Arizona! However, as enticing as that sounds, that is not what we do here so we keep on working the more traditional way. Here are the facts:

In my experience, Google will honor the court order and completely remove the offending webpage from its search index. While the offending report will still appear on the Ripoff Report website, the reference to that report in the Google search index will be gone completely, and Google will display at the bottom of the search results page where the Ripoff Report listing previously appeared, the following statement:

It’s not impossible to be sued for a posting that has been made even if what you said is true. Similarly, Ripoff Report is not immune from the law and your information could be released if we receive a proper subpoena and the author fails to object to the same. Ripoff Report and its Legal Department are not able to provide you with any legal advice on what your options are or what you should do. If you have been sued you are encouraged to contact legal counsel, typically counsel that is well versed with online defamation claims, to learn more about your options and potential defenses to such claims.


An honest story that is based upon facts, that complies with our Terms of Service, makes for a good Report. Any Report or subsequent posting to a Report should be an honest and factual story. Using detailed information such as names, times, places will help paint a clear picture and you should be able to back up your story with evidence (witnesses statements, pictures, documents, etc.) even if you don’t post that information with the Report…although adding such documents may lend more credibility than just explaining the story and it is encouraged.

Ripoff Report sells ad space on its website[1][6] and offers companies the option to pay for complaint investigations, which can cost from US$5,500 to over $100,000.[4] It also offers an arbitration program.[7]

Many people have tried unsuccessfully to sue Ripoff Report. Those who were able to serve Mr. Magdeson eventually either had their cases thrown out or, if they won, were not able to collect any damages. says: “Some companies managed to sue the ripoffreport federally and won, but Ed Magedson moves all the time, never removed the defamation, his servers are in China (!) and because he has no assets, he never paid up!”

When stories come in that are perceived to be timely and ripe for consumers based upon topic or of particular interest to the EDitor at Ripoff Report, such Report may be featured on the main homepage of the website. To be eligible for consideration, your story needs to fit the following criteria:

In the Blockowicz v. Williams case, 675 F.Supp.2d 912 (N.D.Ill. 2009), a federal district court in Chicago found that Ripoff Report was not required to comply with an injunction to remove reports because it had not been named a defendant in the original lawsuit.[13]


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