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So what is SEO?

Seo stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and essentially refers to the ART of getting a page or website ranking well in Google and other search engines. Google is the #1 search engine by a long way so most effort is focused on ranking on page one in Google, and the higher on page one the better.

Why Rank High On Page 1?

There are various statistics out there that quote figures like the first few listings on page one tends to get 70% of the clicks from searches, and it drops rapidly as you are lower down the page.

seo search engine optimsation

Because the top of page one is so valuable many businesses spend more than $100 per click for adwords advertising so they can have their listing shown in the prime location of google searches. However the advertising listings are often over looked and “organic” listings usually get the traffic.

What is important for SEO?

That is the million dollar question, and different people have different answers. What we do know is google is regularly changing how they decide what pages rank better than others. And they don’t share these secretes.

There are two different things to consider – onpage and off page SEO. On page refers to the factors google looks at when reviewing your site and pages. If this is not right you will not rank. For example if your site is about plumbing, you will not rank for lawn mowing. Off page refers to what sites are linking to your website, and what they say about you. This is what most people think of for SEO. The more good quality links referring to your site, the more impressed Google will be.


Google is very critical, and there are as many things it doesn’t like, as things they do. This is why you need the skills of a SEO expert to coax your site up the Google rankings. Many less skilled SEO agencies will spam your website with low quality links or hammer the same keyword too much. This can induce the furry of various Google algorithms that were introduced to pick up such practices, and can result in penalties that send you backwards in the rankings

We only place high quality content on respected websites to improve the respect that both Google and your customers will have for your business. We also target various keywords that will increase traffic from “buyers”.

We provide Digital Marketing services for a wide range of industries, but not gambling, hate, or adult industries. While local SEO has become increasingly important for service based businesses, we also work with E commerce and Amazon businesses.

The methods we use will be different depending on the needs of our client.

The best things to do is fill out our discovery form and let us know what you want to achieve, then we can get to you with what we recommend.

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