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A factor Google uses to decide the quality of your website is user experience. That is user experience for their search results users so their search customers keep using Google because Google gives them great results. They judge this by the time spent on your site and if a user looks around during a visit – yes they can, and do, collect this data. This is called “dwell time” and “bounce rate”.

Bounce rate is a big factor. If people visit your site, and then click back to Google nearly straight away or go elsewhere without doing anything else on your website, Google will conclude they either did not find what they were looking for, or found no use for your website. Google does not want to give high rankings to sites that their users do not find valuable.

Video Overlays can help with your SEO.

Have you seen video overlays on this website? They are the video clips that have popped up on the various pages with greetings and extra information. They look great and when you scroll up and down the page you can still see the website content and the video at the same time.

  • Did they catch you attention more than a lot of words and pictures on the page? (Positive engagement)
  • Did you wait to hear what was going to be said? (Extending dwell time)
  • Where you encouraged to go elsewhere in the site? (Positive effect on bounce rate)

Not only will they improve your dwell time and bounce rate, but they are likely to help improve sales percentages as well.

The over lays on this site are all personal – i.e. filmed by somebody you will engage with when you work with Online Content dot Marketing.

We can take a video filmed by you and have it display on your website.

We can also create overlays with professional spokes people. Here is an example on a different website where the E commerce store is attempting to connect with customers:

Home Page Greeting

Product Page

(Please click on at least one other page when viewing their site – it will help their bounce rate!)

Other options include animated characters, and if you don’t like the way the text to voice technology works, we can arrange a professional voice over, in which case why not just use a professional spokesperson for the video as well?

Dr Character Demo (we can do many others)

Another excellent option is to display an advert or feature video over your website to share a special message you really want customers to see. You can provide the video, or we can produce one for you.

Video Intro Demo

We can offer these video overlays as a standalone service or as an inclusion with other ongoing SEO services.

All that is required after formatting the overlay is to embed a small amount of code that we will provide on your website. From that point we can edit or replace the video displayed by updating the data stored on our servers.

To ask us about video overlays and other SEO services we can provide your business please go to our discovery page and let us know about your business, and specifically tell us under goals and expectations that you are interested in video overlays (and any other services or objective you are looking for)

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